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The Accent is On You

Accentuate Your Room with Exceptional Accent Pieces

The Design Studio of Somerville will help you select the ideal combination of accent pieces to bring any room to life.

The Design Studio of Somerville will assemble a tasteful combination of accent pieces to design a room that truly captures your personality and your desires, including situational lighting and custom florals uniquely created in our showroom.

We help you choose from a variety of accessories in order to create an evocative atmosphere that stimulates all your senses. The right mirror adds depth; candlesticks and scented candles, an air of romance; a family photo collage; comfort. The ideal lighting solution will complement the textures and style of your window and wall treatments. 

Our design specialists will also come to your home and arrange a selection of accent pieces throughout the room so you can appreciate the total look and feel of your completed space. With our no-pressure approach, you keep only the pieces you absolutely love.