tom sfisco

Tom Sfisco

Owner: The Design Studio Of Somerville


Phone: (908) 685 1921

Tom always gravitated towards interior design.  "I remember being a child and watching my mother take such pride and care into how everything was placed and arranged in our home."  His favorite aunt was a talented seamstress and by the seventh grade Tom was learning how to turn fabric into decor.  "I just loved and continue to love making rooms beautiful.”

Tom’s career officially began in college where he pursued a business degree while managing a designer men’s fashion boutique. From there, he transitioned to interior design, specializing in window treatments.

In 1989, Tom launched Peeping Tom, a boutique firm focused solely on the art of window treatment design. It was an instant success and Tom quickly realized that his clients wanted more. “Most people know what they want their homes to look like, but simply need the input of a designer to express their creative ideas.” Tom launched The Design Studio of Somerville to cater to all aspects of home design, blending form and function with high-end style.

Tom prides himself on working with his clients to create intimate spaces that showcase their personal style. He believes in “real-life” design, which encompasses both beauty and functionality. Each room should be a chic retreat that is as comfortable and livable as it is beautiful.

Tom’s work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Nuance and on TLC. He has also had the pleasure of working with Doris Duke and her butler Bernard Lafferty in designing interiors for the famous Duke Estate in Hillsborough, NJ.

Tom’s Top Design Tips:

  • Declutter
  • Throw-out
  • Window treatments should go as high as they can. This creates volume and height in every room.
  • Use mirrors, but put some thought into what is being reflected. You shouldn't see the top of the refrigerator through a mirror in the living room.
  • Use dimmer switches on every light switch.
  • When on a budget start by focusing on the most important room in the house, usually the room used the most.  Buy what you can afford, but never sacrifice on quality.  Good quality doesn't always mean it has to be expensive.