cindy stabile

Cynthia Stabile

Senior Interior Designer


Phone: (908) 685 1921

Since 1994, Cynthia Stabile has been with The Design Studio of Somerville. A student at the New York School of Interior Design, Cynthia always had a passion for decorating and a creative flare that is apparent in her work.  Cynthia believes that interior design should never be intimidating. The best results are always born from a strong client-rapport and a keen understanding of a client’s lifestyle.

“A good designer has to be a bit of a chameleon.  We need to be able to discern a client’s taste and sense of style and help bring those qualities to life.” Although she has years of experience, Cynthia stays on top of the hottest trends and is constantly inspired by the creative team at The Design Studio Of Somerville.

Cynthia’s Top Design Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to hire an interior decorator
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Incorporate the old with the new
  • Don’t be afraid to move furniture around and try new layouts
  • If a piece is sentimental, keep it and work it in
  • Never forget about painting the ceiling
  • A gallon of paint goes a long way
  • This is one of my favorite quotes from a recent client: “I can’t believe what a difference furniture has made in my overall emotional well-being."