Our low-key approach gives you peace of mind and ultimately the room of your dreams. 


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Peace of Mind, Your Style, Our Expertise, Partners in Design

We keep “YOU” in your interior design.

Our sensible, low-pressure methodology helps you control the design process. It’s a concept that makes the notion of hiring an interior designer much less daunting.

We do:

  • Keep as many of your existing furnishings in the redesign as possible.
  • Help you learn what you like and dislike, what you want and don’t want.
  • Match design ideas to your budget.
  • Leave the “designer attitude” out of the mix.

We don’t:

  • Make you get rid of everything and start from scratch.
  • Take away your say in the design and style of your space.
  • Order only the most expensive furnishings and accessories.
  • Tell you what to do and buy.

Our hands-on process includes 3 quick and easy collaborative consultations.

1) We visit your home, evaluate your space, soak in your style and taste, take measurements and pictures, and ask lots of questions!

2) You are then invited to our showroom where we present design ideas based on your needs—furniture, fabric swatches, paint colors, wallpaper samples, and more. Our detailed quote leaves nothing to surprise.

3) We fine-tune our ideas with your expectations and desires and make the design decisions we know you will love. 

With DSOS, there is no minimum amount you need to spend on your design elements, and we offer a variety of styles and multiple price points to suit all tastes and budgets.

You have the option of having a design specialist arrange your new space for you, which takes the guesswork out of your hands and brings each finished room to life with an allure that many homeowners tell us they would not have achieved otherwise. All in all, our approach to design is a breakthrough service that is changing the perception of working with interior designers and that our new and repeat clients rave about.

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