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As an Interior Designer with 30 years experience I have seen a lot.  There are so many reasons that the average person seeks out an interior designer.  Over my many years of designing, one situation seems to come up very often.  Many people purchase one item at a time wanting each one to be a statement, many people will bring an item home and find out that it just doesn’t work with what they already have.  They end up looking around a room and feel that nothing is working, it doesn’t feel “pulled together.”

If I had to tell my clients one thing it would be this.  See the room as a whole.  See the entire house as a complete design.  While one decision can start a domino effect, it is vital to not try to make every piece have too much importance.  Somewhere there must be quiet, something must be simple in order for the focal points ...

Twice every year our design team heads south to the North Carolina Interior Design Trade Market. Market is THE place to pick up fresh ideas, get caught up on the latest trends, and find out what other designers are thinking and doing.

Going to Market gives us the opportunity to seek out and establish relationships with vendors from around the world and reestablish our relationships with our existing vendors.

Market also gives us a great opportunity to shop for our existing and future clients and gives us a chance to fill our shop with some great finds that aren’t available to the general public.

Take any room from worn to WOW with Tom Sfisco’s Top 10 Tips:

1. Don’t ignore your ceilings. White paint is not the only color out there!
2. Hang draperies and curtains high above the window and your room will appear taller.
3. Use outdoor Sunbrella fabrics for indoor upholstered furniture because it repels soil and stains. Now go ahead and do that white sofa!
4. Select your furnishings using the high-low method. Not everything has to be expensive. Invest in a good- quality sofa. Then you can add accessories that won’t break the bank.
5. Interior design is not about fashion trends. Good decorating will be timeless.

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